Flexible Accounting & Payroll Services

Your business is unique and your financial needs are no different. We offer flexible accounting and payroll services so you get the help you need at the price you need. Whether you’re a medium sized business who needs someone to manage all of your accounting and payroll functions, or a new business who needs help setting up their new accounting software…we can help.


Full-service payroll to make reporting & tax filing a breeze.  


Let the professionals handle your books for peace of mind.

Small business accounting services

The Secret to Success

Recording revenues, expenses, liabilities and receivables puts you in a position to better track when things need to be paid and when new money is coming into the business.

This allows you to intelligently manage your cash flows and puts you in a better position to weather unforseen financial storms.

Your time is better spent developing your business, not running numbers and fumbling with complicated accounting software. 

Just a few benefits of working with a professional bookkeeping service are:

Reduced costs

New and small businesses have very little room in their budget for operational overhead. Lower your labor cost by outsourcing to a professional bookkeeping service.

focused attention

No one can grow your business better than you. By leaving your accounting to a professional, you can focus on your business and avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.

Access to experts

Accounting best practices are complex. Leverage the years of experience and knowledge that a professional bookkeeper has to offer.

financial insight

With the insight a bookkeeper offers, you’re empowered to make informed business decisions like pricing, hiring more employees, or marketing investments.

Get the bookkeeping help you need

Whether you need full-service accounting, catch-up bookkeeping or you just need someone to verify that you’re doing it right…we can help you.

Full-Service Accounting & Payroll

Our full-service accounting & payroll package includes monthly reconciliation of your accounts, payroll management, and end-of-year tax filing services.

quickbooks setup

The success of your bookkeeping depends on how your software is set up before you begin to enter data. We’ll set up your Quickbooks for you so you’re set up for success from the beginning. Discounted tax filing available.

Accounts Cleanup / Catch-up Bookeeping

We know you can get busy running your business and the bookkeeping can fall behind. We’ll clean up your accounts and identify errors so you can start over fresh with a clean slate. Discounted tax filing available.

Account review / reconciliation

We’ll do a simple accounting review to ensure it’s been completed properly. We’ll reconcile your accounts, categorize invoices, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Discounted tax filing available.

Enjoy the best accounting and tax service combined together.

Most bookkeeping professionals will only help you with your accounting and payroll and then kindly refer you to another CPA when it comes time to file your end-of-year taxes. At Jay Finn, CPA, we provide both services under one roof. 

Our full-service Accounting & Payroll service combines monthly maintenance of your bookkeeping and payroll and includes end-of-year tax filing on your behalf…free of charge.

Don’t need a full-service Accounting & Payroll package? No problem…we offer end-of-year tax filing services at discounted prices to all of our bookkeeping clients.

Facing an audit?

We can help you.

Our experts have over 37 years of experience fighting the IRS on behalf of businesses.


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